NOTIFICATION: Registration Schedule for the Winter Semester 2021-2022 (For only 2nd semester Masters & 2ndsemester Ph.D Students)


Ref.: SAU/31-3 /2014

8 February 2022


After the winter break for the 2nd semester of both the Masters and Ph.D programmes, the University will re-open on the 2nd of March 2022 for the Winter Semester for the students of the second semester of the 2021 admitted batch. In this context, the following Registration Schedule for students of the 2nd semester of both the Masters and the Ph.D programmes students for the Winter Semester 2021-22 is proposed as follows:


Schedule of Registration:


Registration without late fees: From 28th February 2022 to 5th March 2022


Late Registration (on payment of late fees of US $ 10 or INR 740): From 6th March to 11th March 2022.


*Those students who are offered scholarship of any kind or freeship need to pay only the Student Aid Fund.


Fee Payments
Day Scholars Hostellers
              Semester Fee
 US$440 OR INR 32,560 US$500 OR INR 37,000
              Students Aid Fund
INR 50 INR 50


As per the decision of the GB, all students shall pay all dues by the deadline announced by the University at the beginning of every semester. Under extenuating circumstances, the University may allow students to pay fees in instalments, subject to the conditions as prescribed in the Byelaws.


Those students who do not pay their fees by the notified dates will not be allowed to sit for the end-semester examination.


For students wishing to pay in instalments due to financial constraints, registration dates for the instalments proposed for the Winter Semester are as follows:


Option 1  In two equal instalments:

1st  Instalment + US$ 20 or INR 1480: not later than 2nd March 2022 (Without late fee)

: not later than 8th March 2022 (With late fee of US$ 10 or INR 740)


2nd  Instalment : not later than 1st April (Without late fee)

: not later than 12th April 2022 (With late fee of US$ 10 or INR 740)


Option 2  In three equal instalments:

st  Instalment + US$ 20 or INR 1480 : not later than 2nd March 2022 (Without late fee)

  : not later than 8th March 2022 (With late fee of US$ 10 or INR 740)


nd  Instalment : not later than 30th March 2021 (Without late fee)

 : not later than 5th April 2022 (With late fee of US$ 10 or INR 740)


rd  Instalment : not later than 11th April 2022 (Without late fee)

: not later than 18th April 2022 (With late fee of US$ 10 or INR 740)


No Registration of students will be permitted after 11th of March 2022.


Students can download and fill up the Registration Form & Course Card and pay their semester fees online and submit the receipt of the fees.


After filling the required information in the Registration Form and on having paid the fees online, the Registration Form with the fee receipt should be submitted to the Evaluation Office at the following email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a copy (along with filled up Course Card) to the respective Faculty Assistant.


The above notification has the approval of the competent authority.



Deputy Register



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