Hostel Accommodation of PhD Scholars after Extension


PhD students may peruse the Notification pertaining to stay in the hostel beyond the tenure to submit the Thesis as given below. You will have to sign the undertaking, duly attested by your supervisor. Apart from this, you have to adhere to the SOPs followed in the Hostel.


Please do the needful and then make a request by attaching required documents i.e. the two undertakings and Covid-19 PCR-based test (which has to be negative).


Your request must then be duly recommended by the supervisor, chairperson, dean of the faculty, Hostel warden, dean of the student to get approval from the president to stay in the Hostel.


Few of the scholars have been notified of their request for the hostel stay in the extension period are also to complete the formality by the earliest.


The tenure of submission of your thesis is 6 years from the date of your registration.

  1. Terms and Conditions for the Hostel Accommodation of PhD Scholars after Extension
  2. SOPs to be followed in SAU Hostel
  3. Undertaking regarding Hostel charges


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