NOTICE: Merit Scholarship Award


List of students are awarded SAU Merit Scholarship

Batch:- 2020-21
S.No Name Enrolment No. Gender Country Program
1 Guntash Singh SAU/AM(M)/2020/09 Male India MSc Applied Mathematics
2 Anand Singh SAU/AM(M)/2020/03 Male India --do--
3 Qais Watanmal SAU/AM(M)/2020/24 Male Afghanistan --do--
4 Nazir Mohammad Zahin SAU/AM(M)/2020/18 Male Afghanistan --do--
5 Akhila A SAU/BIO(M)/2020/01 Female India MSc Biotechnology
6 Vikrant Singh SAU/BIO(M)/2020/29 Male India --do--
7 Kapil Bahadur Budha SAU/BIO(M)/2020/12 Male Nepal --do--
8 Shahil Alam SAU/BIO(M)/2020/26 Male Nepal --do--
9 Ajeet Yadav SAU/CS(M)/2020/02 Male India MSc Computer Science
10 Parth Gaba SAU/CS(M)/2020/11 Male India --do--
11 Sayed Taher Layeq SAU/CS(M)/2020/20 Male Afghanistan --do--
12 Subham Kumar Sah SAU/CS(M)/2020/24 Male Nepal --do--
13 Anushree Rai SAU/ECO(M)/2020/02 Female India MA Economics
14 Shubham Makkar SAU/ECO(M)/2020/19 Male India --do--
15 Abdullah Shah SAU/ECO(M)/2020/01 Male Afghanistan --do--
16 Nabiullah SAU/ECO(M)/2020/13 Male Afghanistan --do--
17 Syeda Tanaz Neha Mohaib SAU/IR(M)/2020/23 Female India MA International Relations
18 Amit Kumar Pal SAU/IR(M)/2020/06 Male India --do--
19 Sayed Farhad Masoumie SAU/IR(M)/2020/21 Male Afghanistan --do--
20 Anup Kumar Saha SAU/IR(M)/2020/07 Male Bangladesh --do--
21 Om Prakash Jha SAU/LLM/2020/15 Male India LLM
22 Suman Yadav SAU/LLM/2020/27 Female India --do--
23 Tasriful Haque SAU/LLM/2020/28 Male Bangladesh --do--
24 S. M. Younus Hasan SAU/LLM/2020/20 Male Bangladesh --do--
25 Nishita Sharma SAU/SOC(M)/2020/19 Female India MA Sociology
26 Ishaan Arora SAU/SOC(M)/2020/12 Male India --do--
27 Sonam Wangdi SAU/SOC(M)/2020/27 Male Bhutan --do--
28 Quazi Arunim Rahman SAU/SOC(M)/2020/20 Male Bangladesh --do--
SAU Merit Scholarship covers 100% tuition and hostel fee waiver (in case of hosteller) and a monthly living allowance of INR 5000/-. They are required to pay Student's Aid Fund of Rs 50/- only. The monthly living allowance will be given only after the classes begin in the physical mode but will be given with effect from the date of start of the first semester or joining date whichever is later.



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