Notification on Modality and Registration Schedule for Monsoon semester 2020-21, Registration Form and Course card

Ref.: SAU/31-3 /2014

16th July 2020

In view of the emergency created by Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, and in continuation of the decisions taken in the Emergent Meeting of Deans and Chairpersons on 7 May 2020, followed by a meeting of the Central Admission Committee on 04.07.2020, and the Notification issued on 08.07.2020, the following decisions were taken for the Continuing students for the  Monsoon semester 2020-2021:


  • As per the discussions held in the video conference that was held on the 4th of July, 2020, teaching will start in the online mode w.e.f. 27 July 2020. As per the Notification, the final component of the online testing of Semester II students would be held in the first two weeks of August 2020.

  • Online teaching for Semester III will start from the third week of August. Semester III students will be tested on the basis of one exam, to be held at the end of the semester (27 Nov-5 Dec 2020) and any assignments/internal assessment that the Faculty/Department may choose to assign to them.


The Registration schedule that is notified herewith is being made in line with the decisions taken in the meetings held and the further Notification issued thereon.


 Registration Schedule for Continuing Students (both Ph.D and Masters programme) for Monsoon Semester,2020-2021

After the summer break, the University will start functioning from the 27th of July 2020.


Registration schedule for the Continuing students will be as follows:

  1. Registration of Continuing students: 23rd July, 2020 –27th July 2020

  2. Registration with late fee (forContinuing students): Till 31s July, 2020

All students who want to repeat/improve their grades should also register as per the above schedule.

Fee Payments

  Day Scholars  Hostellers
Semester Fee

US$ 440


INR 30800

US$ 500



INR 35000

Students Aid Fund INR 50
Late Fee US$ 10 or INR 700


As per the decision of the GB, all students shall pay all dues by the deadline announced by the University at the beginning of every semester. Under extenuating circumstances, the University may allow students to pay fees in instalments. Those students who do not pay their fees by the notified dates will not be allowed to sit for the end-semester examination.


For students wishing to pay in instalments due to financial constraints, registration dates for the instalments proposed for the Monsoon Semester are as follows:


For those continuing students who wish to pay in instalment due to financial condition, registration with instalments proposed for Monsoon semester are as follows:


Option 1 In two equal instalments:

1st Instalment + US$ 20 or 1400 INR

not later than 27th July 2020

(Without late fee)

not later than 31st July 2020

(With late fee US$ 10 or 700 INR)

2nd Instalment

not later than 30th September 2020 (Without late fee)

not later than 9th October 2020 (With late fee US$ 10 or 700 INR)

Option 2 In three equal instalments:

1st Instalment + US$ 20 or 1400 INR

not later than 27th July 2020 (Without late fee)

not later than 31st July 2020 (With late fee US$ 10 or 700 INR)

2nd Instalment

not later than 14th September 2020 (Without late fee)

not later than 24th September 2020 (With late fee US$ 10 or 700 INR)

3rd Instalment

not later than 16th October 2020 (Without late fee)

not later than 27th October 2020 (With late fee US$ 10 or 700 INR)


No Registration of students will be permitted after 31st of July 2020.


Online Classes for the Continuing Students will begin from Monday 17 August 2020.


Students can fill the Registration Form online and pay their fees also online. Form is available from the download links below. 'Semester II students should fill N/A (Not Applicable) in the Column "CGPA obtained upto the end of last semester in the Registration Form. After they have filled the form, they should submit the form with the fee to the Accounts Department after which one copy of the form and fee receipt should be submitted to their respective Faculty Assistant by mail with a copy to the Evaluations Office. The students can also download the Course Card from the downloads listed below, fill up and submit to the respective Department.


The above notification has the approval of the competent authority.


Deputy Registrar



The completed Registration Form for the Monsoon semester 2020-21 with fees receipt should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , after you email the same to your respective Department/ Faculty.

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