NOTICE Regarding Putting up of Posters

4th March 2020 


The Proctorial committee reiterates that if any student/s wishes to express his/her views on any matter by putting up a poster, they may do so by displaying the posters in the areas that have been designated by the university for the same. The area designated is the pin-up walls near the four ground floor elevators. No student poster shall be displayed anywhere else, including on the official notice boards, or walls of the university building. Any such poster shall be removed by the university. This includes posters for all the student-organized events barring those that are organized through the cultural committees recognized by the university.

A poster can be displayed for a week. After one week, it shall be the responsibility of the student/s who put the poster/s to remove them so as to make space available for other student/s to display the posters. University respects the right of students to express their views. However, posters that are defamatory, pejorative, racial, communal, sexist, provocative on the grounds of  nationality, ethnicity, caste, gender, etc, or that may disturb the overall peace and tranquility of the university shall not be allowed. No student shall remove a poster on his/her own volition. The university shall take action against any such student. If a student has an objection to a particular poster, they may bring this to the attention of the competent authorities by writing to them.   

All students are requested to kindly cooperate and help to create a friendly, vibrant and healthy academic culture based on the reasoned debate in the university.




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