Notification on Orientation Programme from 17th July to 28th July 2017


After the summer break, the University will reopen on the 26th of July 2017. All fresh non-Indian students are required to report for a compulsory 2 week Orientation Programme from 17th July to 28th July 2017. Those Indian Students who wish to join the Orientation Programme may also do so.


Registration schedule will be as follows:

  • Registration for new Non-Indian students: 12th - 14th July 2017
  • Registration for Indian Students (for those who would like to join the orientation): 12th - 14th July 2017
  • Registration for the remaining new Indian students: 21st July - 25th July, 2017
  • Registration of continuing students: 21st Jul, 2017 –25th July 2017
  • Registration with late fee for both new and continuing students: 27th July to: 31st July, 2017


All students who want to repeat/improve their grades should also register as per the above schedule.


Fee Payments

Day Scholars                         Hostellers

Semester Fee                                  US$ 440                                 US$ 500

Or                                           Or

INRs. 29,480                          INRs 33,500

Students Aid Fund: INR. 50

Late Fee: US $ 10 or INRs 670


No Registration of students will be permitted after 31st of July 2017.


*Regular Classes for the Continuing Students will begin on the 27th of July 2017.

* Regular Classes for the New Students will begin on the 31st July 2017.


This has the approval of the competent authority.


-Sd-                                                                    -Sd-

Anwar Ul Haq                                                     Maina Kharga

Deputy Registrar                                                Deputy Registrar

Admission                                                         Evaluation


Ref.: SAU/31-3 /2014            11th May, 2017


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