Notification Regarding Minimum FGPA and Course Repeats

                                                                                             4th July, 2016


This is to inform all students, Departments, Faculties and all concerned that the following amendments in the Regulations of the South Asian University, as approved by the Governing Board, will be effective and implemented from 26th July 2016 (start of the Monsoon semester 2016-2017):


  1. Regulations Clause 12. 7.9:



A student who would like to improve his grades in a given subject (s) within the span of 4 regular semesters will be allowed to repeat the course(s) once at the time when this course(s) is normally offered, by paying a fee of US $ 10 per credit.


  1. Regulations Clause 12.8.2:



In order to be declared passed in the Master’s programme, a student must have passed in all individual courses and secured a minimum FGPA of 4.0.


This Notification has the approval of the competent authority.


Deputy Registrar


 Ref.: SAU/31-3/2014

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