Circular on Attendance


No: SAU/RO/04/15177 18th February, 2015


The University has clearly defined the rules and regulations for the academic evaluation of the students. The following may once again be noted :

  1. In order to facilitate timely disbursement of scholarship and financial support to the students and to ensure smooth examinations, 75% attendance is compulsory for all students to qualify for appearing end semester examination, as per the Byelaw on Compulsory Class attendance which reads as under :


    Compulsory Class Attendance

    1. Attendance in classes will be compulsory in all courses offered by SAU.

    2. Teachers will keep a record of attendance and students securing less than 75% attendance will not be eligible for sitting in the End Semester examination.

    3. Provided that in special cases, where a student falls short of prescribed 75% attendance due to medical reasons, but is able to maintain attendance of 50% and above, Dean may permit the student to take the End Semester Examination. In such cases, a medical certificate duly endorsed by the Medical Officer of SAU, will be a must and such medical certificate(s) must be submitted in a timely fashion. Medical certificate(s) not submitted at the time the student re-joins classes after the medical leave, will not be entertained.

    4. If the fall in attendance below 50% is due to medical reasons or due to some unforeseen and very exceptional circumstances, and the Faculty/Department so recommends, the semester may be considered as Zero-Semester, to be repeated as a whole. Recommendation for grant of Zero Semester should be endorsed by the Board of Studies of the Faculty and further approved by the Academic Council.

  2. The respective faculty members may forward the attendance by 3rd of every month to the Faculty Assistants who in turn will compile the attendance for the whole Faculty/Department and forward the same to Deputy Registrar (Evaluation), Deputy Registrar (Admission) and Deputy Director (Finance) after getting it approved through their Deans, by 5th of every month.

  3. Students falling short of attendance may be informed of the attendance deficit in writing by the concerned faculty.

  4. Request for zero semester may be made if applicable as specified in the Byelaw, which reads as under :

  5. Guidelines for grant of “Zero” Semester

    University may, upon recommendation of the Faculty duly approved by the Board of Studies, consider grant of “Zero Semester” to a student under most exceptional situations where:

    1. The student, during the course of his studies, falls ill and was hospitalized/advised complete bed rest for a major part of the semester (where the student will fall short of the required minimum 50% attendance in the class) including end-semester examination period;

    2. Where the medical certificate produced by the student is from a government hospital;

    3. A student staying in hostel falling sick, and wishing to undergo treatment outside Delhi or at his home town, must immediately report his/her illness to the Medical Officer of SAU, the Hostel Warden, and the Dean of the Faculty, before leaving hostel for treatment.

    4. In case the treatment was taken elsewhere, the student must produce all the medical certificates/documents to SAU’s Medical Officer on his/her return to the University.

    5. Day scholars, who fall sick and undergo treatment elsewhere, must immediately inform the Dean of the Faculty about their illness and the treatment they are undergoing. Such students will be required to produce all medical certificates/documents to the SAU’s Medical Officer before they resume their studies.

    6. Zero semester may also be granted in cases where a student is awarded foreign Scholarship / Fellowship, which he/she had applied for through the Dean of the Faculty and for which the Department / Faculty recommends a Zero semester.

    7. Zero semester will not be considered for grounds other than those listed above. If, however, there are some unforeseen and very exceptional circumstances under which a Dean and faculty members unanimously think that a zero semester should be considered for a particular student, the case may be discussed in the Board of Studies and, if recommended, forwarded to the Academic Council for a final decision.

    All cases for grant of “Zero Semester” recommended by the Board-of-Studies, will be placed before the Academic Council for its consideration and decision.

  6. Respective Department Chairpersons and Deans may certify the eligibility of the students to appear in the end semester examination as per Regulation 12.7.11 which reads as under :

An application for admission to the end-semester examination shall be made in the prescribed form and forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty through the Department Chairperson, if applicable, and shall be accompanied by the following certificates: (a) Clearance in Sessional Evaluation, and (b) Clearance in his/her dues including the prescribed examination fees, if any”.

Format of the certificate, to be furnished by 15th November (Monsoon Semester) or 15th April (Winter Semester) is enclosed.


Dy.Registrar (Evaluation)

Departmental Certification for eligibility to appear in end semester examination 

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