CIRCULAR: Medical Hospitalization

This is inform the students that Primus Super Speciality Hospital, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-I10021, which is situated close to Akbar Bhawan (2 kms) and is easily accessible to the students of SAU, has agreed to extend the Ambulance facility in case of emergencies or where hospitalization in necessary, through Star Health Group Medical Coverage (GMC) Policy.

The charges for the Ambulance services (to and fro Rs.500/-) will initially be paid by the student and later reimbursed by the University. Taxi/auto can also be hired in case of emergency and the charges for the same will be reimbursed to the student.

For ambulance services the following numbers can be contacted.

     Mr. Parvin -9711007004

     Primus Hospital - 011-66206620, 011 -66206630

Students are advised to avail the medical hospitalization services from the network hospitals of Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. A list of such hospitals in the vicinity is available with the hostel wardens, security desk at the lobby, notice board of the SAU health centre and a copy of the same is also enclosed. More details of such hospitals can also be accessed at the University website. At the time of hospitalization students may provide the following details to the TPA desk at the hospital, and obtain a "CLAIM No." from Star Health toll free No. 18004252255.

l) ID Card No. of Star Health Mediclaim Card.

2) Policy No. - P/161200/01/2015/002299. (NEW STUDENTS)

                     P/161200/01/2015/002337 (OLD STUDENTS)

The above information along with date and time of hospitalization may also be conveyed to Mr. Manish Saxena, Territory Manager, Star Health & Allied Insurance co. Ltd, on his cell 991163601l, to facilitate cashless treatment/ settlement of claim.

In case a student gets admitted to a non-network hospital, the payment of hospital expenses initially has to be made by the student and subsequently file a reimbursement of claim of expenses from M/s. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. within 15 days, after his/her discharge from the hospital.

In case of any medical emergencies, the concerned Warden may please who will provide required guidance and help. Simultaneously, all such medical intimated to the Medical Officer on this number-9810701453 be immediately contacted.


Medical Officer

Circular with List of Hospitals 

 Notices on Student Committees

1.  Hostel Committee

2.  Sports Committee

3.  Mess Committee

4.  Cultrual Committee

5.  General Rules


7th July 2014


Registration Schedule of Students for Monsoon Semester 2014

 After the summer break, the University will reopen on the 26th of July 2014. The following registration schedule is proposed for both new and  continuing  students:

                                                                   Fresher                                          Continuing Students

  1. Registration without late fee:            23rd -25th Jul, 2014                            28th Jul, 2014 – 1st Aug, 2014

  2. Registration with late fee:              26th Jul, 2014 - 14th Aug, 2014             2nd - 14th Aug, 2014

   (US$ 10 or INR 600)


  All students who want to repeat/improve their grades should also register as per above schedule.


  Fee Payments

                                                              Day Scholars                                                     Hostellers

  Semester Fee                                         US$ 440                                                           US$ 500

                                                                   Or                                                                        Or

                                                                 INRs. 26,400                                                  INRs. 30,000


  Students Aid Fund                                 INRs. 50                                                         INRs. 50


 No Registration of students will be permitted after 14th August 2014.


  Anwar Ul Haq                                                                                                               Maina Kharga

  Deputy Registrar                                                                                                           Deputy Registrar

  Admissions                                                                                                                   Evaluation


No. SAU/Sr. Warden/2013 20.12.2013

Notice for students

Based on the proposal submitted by the SAU elected Mess Committee of students and the same being duly approved by competent authority, the operation of SAU cooperative mess by students’ mess committee has been granted approval.

The SAU cooperative mess committee shall take over the mess and start functioning with effect from 14.01.2014.

Students may contact the elected member representatives of the Mess Committee for further information and details.

Sr. Warden

<Official Notice>

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