Notification on Mid-Term and End-Semester Examination Schedule for Monsoon Semester 2016-2017


16th August, 2016

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Notification Regarding Minimum FGPA and Course Repeats

                                                                                             4th July, 2016


This is to inform all students, Departments, Faculties and all concerned that the following amendments in the Regulations of the South Asian University, as approved by the Governing Board, will be effective and implemented from 26th July 2016 (start of the Monsoon semester 2016-2017):


  1. Regulations Clause 12. 7.9:



A student who would like to improve his grades in a given subject (s) within the span of 4 regular semesters will be allowed to repeat the course(s) once at the time when this course(s) is normally offered, by paying a fee of US $ 10 per credit.


  1. Regulations Clause 12.8.2:



In order to be declared passed in the Master’s programme, a student must have passed in all individual courses and secured a minimum FGPA of 4.0.


This Notification has the approval of the competent authority.


Deputy Registrar


 Ref.: SAU/31-3/2014

Notification on Use of Unfair Means in Examinations (Mobile phones & other gadgets)

F No/SAU/31-3/2014                                                                                                                               28 th April, 2016


This is to inform all concerned that use of Mobile Phones and other devices like:


i-pads, Notebooks, Tablets etc. during the examination constitutes use of unfair means and accordingly the use of electronic devices banned during the various examinations of the University. Faculty members and invigilators are requested to ensure that students comply with this.


Any student found in possession of any such electronic device will not be allowed to continue with the examination and will be reported to the Chairperson of the Department/ Dean of the Faculty. Based on the Dean’s report, suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the student under the Bye-Laws on the use of Unfair Means in the Examination.



Deputy Registrar Evaluation


N. SAU/8-6/2011/28



South Asian University has decided to offer fixed hostel charges to the students of PhD and MPhil programs who have been allotted hostel/ or are eligible for hostel accommodation, in case they desire and voluntarily request for their own rented accommodation outside the SAU hostel. The following terms and conditions shall apply to this scheme/ facility;


1) This scheme/facility is purely temporary and can be withdrawn by the University at any time by giving the students two months notice.


2) This scheme/ facility is proposed only for PhD and MPhil students of South Asian University from outside Delhi/ NCR who are continuously registered at SAU with any PhD/MPhil program.


3) A student of MPhil/ PhD, who is willing to opt for outside accommodation shall apply for the same through his department/ recommendation of the Dean, to Senior Warden SAU, who will forward all such applications together with his recommendations/ comments to the Asst. Director(H&SS).


4) A fixed monthly amount of Rs 8,000/- will be paid only to those PhD/MPhil students who are not getting any HRA under any Govt. assistance and have opted for this scheme, between 1st and 10th of every month, after submission of contact details of rented accomodation.


5) The students shall arrange for their own accommodation, transportation/ conveyance and enter into agreement/ lease with the house owners (if required) directly. SAU administration will not be a party/ consenter/ witness to any such lease/agreement, but they shall inform the Deputy Registrar (Admissions), their location (address) and contact details, for office records.


6) If a student does not register for a semester on account of any reason/ non fulfillment of academic requirement, he will not be entitled for payment of rent for the period for which he remains without registration.


7) President SAU/ SAU administration reserves the right to add/ alter any rule/ condition and/ or discontinue the scheme/ facility by giving two months advanced notice to students.


8) Students of Phd & MPhil Programmes opting for such scheme/ facility shall be staying solely at their own responsibility and shall submit an undertaking that they are opting for this scheme voluntarily and at their own risk and responsibility, and such students shall not demand for hostel accommodation at SAU hostels. SAU/ SAU administration shall not be responsible in any manner for their conduct outside SAU.



Students of PhD and MPhil programs who have been allotted hostel or are eligible for hostel accommodation, desirous of availing this facility may apply on the prescribed application form (Application Forms can be downloaded from the link below or obtained from Mr. Sunil Kumar, Caretaker, Boys Hostel) to the Senior Warden along with an undertaking, latest by 22nd March 2015.

Application Form pdf icon


Assistant Director (H&SS)


Notification on Formula for Percentage Calculation

Ref.: SAU/30-3 /2014

8th March, 2016


This is to notify all Departments, Faculties, Staff and Students that


  1. Clause No 12.7.6** of the Regulations has been amended and henceforth, the Formula for Calculating the Percentage will be followed.


  1. The Formula will also replace the Percentage Range that is indicated on the Back Page of the Grade Sheet of the University that has been in use till date.


The Amended Regulation is reproduced below:(Final Grade Point Average -- FGPA)


Regulations Clause 12.7.6** states:


FGPA be converted into percentage as per the following formula:

Percentage = FGPA x 100/9



The Notification to this effect has the approval of the competent authority.


Deputy Registrar Evaluation



Work & Earn: Data Entry

As part of the Work & Earn programme of the University the following opportunity is being offered for students:

Data Entry in Spreadsheet Templates for SAU ERP System

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