Entrance Test 2021 Results for PhD Programs


List of Candidates Selected and Waitlisted for Admission

Admission offers are being emailed to all selected candidates. These candidates are advised to confirm their acceptance immediately and pay the fee of USD 200 or INR 14,800 by 15 October 2021. Candidates are advised to check their emails and follow the instructions provided in the Admission Offer Letter.

Candidates not included in the following list have not been selected or waitlisted.

Sample Admission Offer    Online Fee Payment


Course: PhD Economics


Country: India
S No Registration No Name Country Status
1 202117325 Akansha Rawat India Selected
2 202110806 Shreya Kansal India Selected
3 202112819 Yogita Yadav India Selected
4 202104857 Arushi Bijalwan India Waitlisted
5 202107163 Jaya Gupta India Waitlisted
6 202107584 Tanya Jain India Waitlisted
7 202109139 Akanksha India Waitlisted
8 202115789 Rayman Kharyal India Waitlisted
Country: SAARC Countries other than India
S No Registration No Name Country Status
1 202108641 Sudeepto Das Bangladesh Selected
2 202107274 Sapnam Adhikari Bhutan Selected
3 202104276 Preksha Jain Nepal Selected
4 202118353 Mohammad Salim Sadid Afghanistan Waitlisted
5 202105533 Abdul Hussain Afghanistan Waitlisted
6 202115497 Tej Prasad Devkota Nepal Waitlisted