Instructions to Candidates - Entrance Test 2020


Dear Candidate,


We are once again sharing some important information/guidelines with you because we find that many of the candidates have not followed the instructions sent earlier. We would also like to warn you that since it was a very short mock test we did not send out warnings but many candidates scored very low on the credibility score by not having the camera focused on their faces during the test, talking, using multiple screens, using mobile phones etc. If this occurs during the final test, red flags will be generated and if your credibility score goes bellow a certain percentage your test will be disallowed on grounds of malpractice. This is true even after you are able to finish the test and successfully submit your test. To avoid such a scenario, please DO NOT minimize the browser, move away from the camera, do not allow anyone into the room where you are taking the test (if multiple faces are detected your test may be singled out for further investigation). Also, we found that about 60-70 percent candidates had not bothered to read through the document sent as an attachment.


Please Read through the instructions below carefully

  1. On the day of the test, please ensure that your Android Mobile App is updated and downloaded from Play Store

  2. Candidates taking the test on a Laptop/Desktop must log into their registration portal ( ) and then click on the Click here to start test.

  3. Though the screen will go live a good 30 minutes before the start of the test, you can start the test only at the given time. During these 30 minutes go through the pre-Test verification and systems check process.

  4. Log in to your computer system/laptop from Admin User only.

  5. Ensure that the internet speed is proper and does not fluctuate too much.

  6. If the camera is not functional in Google chrome then try using Mozilla Firefox or vice versa. Without a functional camera, you will not be able to take the test.

  7. When asked to share your screen, please select the screen shown in the window to enable the screen sharing button.

  8. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to take the test.

  9. The test will Auto Submit once the test time limit is reached.

  10. If your test is not shown in Active Session, please log out and then log in again.

  11. You will be monitored throughout the test period through both audio and video recording which can be used for verification purposes if there are red flags during your test.

  12. We would once again like to remind you to:

    • Not look at any mobile phone/tablet other than the computer or phone on which you are taking the test

    • A log table is allowed only for use in the Maths papers. Do not use a calculator.

    • If you are found systematically looking around room, looking up and down, left or right, under your desk, leaving the room, reading questions out loud, accessing a web page or other applications, using multiple screens, looking at notes or sheets your test can be cancelled.

    • If the webcam or laptop or your face becomes obscured, your test may be automatically submitted.

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