The University has instituted two awards to be awarded tostudents who excel in their academic performance. Details of the awards are shown below :

i)SAU Gold Medal : For one student in each of the Eight academic programs : MA in Dev. Economics.; Sociology; International Relations; LL.M.; M.Sc. in Biotechnology; Applied Mathematics; Computer Science and MCA, who passes out of the University with the best academic performance in his/her class, securing the highest FGPA but in no case below A Minus. Each student under this category will receive a “Gold Medal” along with Books of his/her choice worth Rs.5000/-.

ii)SAU Certificate of Merit : For the student who secures the best combined SGPA but in no case below A Minus in first two semesters of all 2-year Master's level programs. Certificate of Merit will be given along with Books of his/her choice worth Rs.5000/-.

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Academic Programs


South Asian University (SAU) is an international university established by the South Asia Association for Regional Corporation (SAARC) and is funded by the member states of SAARC which includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The initial idea for the university was presented by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India at the SAARC summit of November 12, 2005. During his speech he made the following observations which capture the spirit upon which the university was established:

The people of our subcontinent are at the cutting edge of scientific and technical research and in the front ranks of the knowledge society across the world. Wherever an enabling environment and world-class facilities are made available to our talented peoples, they excel. My suggestion to you is, why cannot we as seven member countries, pool our resources to create a center of excellence, in the form of a South Asian University, which can provide world-class facilities and professional faculty to students and researchers drawn from every country of our region? Let this become a forum where our academicians, scholars, researchers and gifted students, can work together in the service of human advancement. India is willing to make a major contribution to the realization of this project over the next three to four years. We can certainly host this institution, but are equally prepared to cooperate in creating a suitable venue in any other member country.


Taking these ideas and subsequent discussions into their logical conclusion, Professor Gawher Rizwi of Bangladesh formulated and submitted the concept note for the establishment of South Asian University (SAU) in February 2007. The crucial points made by this formal proposal can be summarized as follows:

  • Equitable participation of all SAARC member states;
  • Delhi as venue for the university;
  • World-class education comparable to the best universities;
  • Faculty and students from within and outside the SAARC region;
  • Create a sense of South Asian Community amongst regional members; Equitable access for disadvantaged students


PM's Speech


Dr Manmohan Singh The people of our subcontinent are at the cutting edge of scientific and technological research and...
Complete Speech

SAARC Secretary General's Message


This University has paved the way to attract best calibre students ...
Complete Message

Interviews for award of scholarships/financial support

THIS IS TO NOTIFY for information of all concerned that the SAU’s Scholarship Committee will interview the students to consider cases for award of scholarships/financial support as per schedule indicated below :


Day & Date of Interview


Time Slots




Saturday, 22.9.2012



M.A. (Int’l Relations) 1st year students

10.00 A.M.







4th Floor



M.A. (Int’l Relations) 2nd year students

11.00 A.M.

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) students

12.00 Noon

M.C.A. students

2.00 P.M.

M.A. (Sociology) 1st year students

3.00 P.M.

M.A. (Sociology) 2nd year students

4.00 P.M.

Monday, 24.9.2012

M.A. (Dev. Economics) 1st year students

2.30 P.M.

M.A.(Dev. Economics) 2nd year students

3.30 P.M.


Tuesday, 25.9.2012

LL.M. 1st year students


2.30 P.M.

LL.M. 2nd year students

4.00 P.M.

Wednesday, 26.9.2012

M.Sc. (Biotechnology) 1st year students

2.30 P.M.

M.Sc. (Biotechnology) 2nd year students

4.00 P.M.

Thursday, 27.9.2012

M.Sc. (Computer Sc.) 1st year students

2.30 P.M.

M.Sc. (Computer Sc.) 2nd year students

4.00 P.M.

All those students who have applied for scholarship/financial support, are advised to appear “in person” before the Scholarship Committee on the above-mentioned date and time. Any request for change in the date and time of interview will not be entertained.


Students are also advised to bring with them family income certificates/documents issued by the competent authority, (if not already submitted), for consideration of the Scholarship Committee.




Applications for grant of Scholarship/Financial Support : 2012

Applications, on the enclosed prescribed form, are invited from bonafide registered students of SAU for grant of scholarship/financial support for the year2012-13. Students who have already been awarded “President’s Scholarship”, need not apply.


The grant of scholarship/financial support will be decided by a Committee taking into consideration the family income and economic need of the concerned student. With a view to determine the real need of the student, the Committee may invite each individual student for a brief interview. Date and time of interview will be notified in the first week of September 2012.


With their application form, students are advised to enclose clear and sufficient proof of their family income issued by a competent authority, such as, Income Certificate from Employer, copies of Salary Slips, Pension Certificate (in case of retired persons), Bank Statements, Income Tax Returns etc. for consideration of the Scholarship Committee. Applications which are not supported with valid proof of family income may not be considered.


All those who wish to apply for grant of scholarship/financial support, may submit their application forms with the Faculty Assistants in the Office of concerned Faculty/Department.



Last date for submission of applications : 27th August 2012


Applications submitted after the last date will NOT be considered.

Registration Schedule For Monsoon Semester 2012


After the winter break, the University will reopen on 11th January 2013. The following registration schedule for Winter Semester 2013 is hereby notified :

i) Registration of Eligible Students : From   4.1.2013 to 11.1.2013
ii) Late Registration (on payment of late fee of   US $ 10 or Indian Rupees 500) : Upto   18.1.2013

Classes will start from 11th January 2013. The above schedule is notified for information of all students, faculty and staff.




All Concerned/Notice Boards.

Copy to:

All Deans of Faculties/All Faculty members
PSs to President/Vice-President/Registrar/Sr.Consultant(Admissions)
DD(F)/AD(HSS)/AD(ICT)/Asst.Librarian/Coordinator/PRO/Asst. Registrar
AD(ICT) / Systems Analyst : With the request to upload on SAU’s website pls.
Sr. Asst.(Admn.)/Faculty Assistants/Assistants (Accounts)

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