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Hostel Management Committee

The Acting President, SAU is pleased to extend the term of the following Hostel Management Committee (HMC) for another two years w.e.f. 21.02.2021: 

  • Dean of Students - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Chairperson
  • Registrar or his/her nominee
  • Senior Warden (Boy's Hostel) - Dr. Yubaraj Pokharel -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • Warden (Girls Hostel) -
  • Dr Dhananjay Tripathy (Associate Professor, FSS) -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • Dr Priti Saxena (Assistant Professor, FLSB) -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Assistant Director (HSS) - Mr Hemant Mansharamani - Member Secretary - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - +91 11 24195250
  • President of Hostel Committee (Student Representative) 


The Hostel Management committee shall take policy decision(s) on the functioning of the hostels, subject to the approval of President, SAU


Hostel Rules


Hostel Caretakers

1) Men’s Hostel - Mr. Sunil Kumar- 9990467746

2) Women’s Hostel - Ms. Meena Patwal- 9971644197



  1. There shall be no ragging in any form in the Hostel.


  2. The University reserves the right to change the allotted hostel beds if necessary. The necessity of such situations shall be determined and decided by the Warden/s. The Warden/s shall communicate their decision in writing to the student/s concerned and to the Hostel Management Committee (HMC). In case of any disagreements, the final arbiter shall be the HMC.

  3. Every resident is responsible for the care of the hostel property s/he uses. Residents found responsible for any damage to or loss of hostel property will be charged the replacement cost of the damaged item, individually or collectively, as the case may be, and they will be liable to disciplinary action. The decision of the Warden/ Registrar will be final in this regard.

  4. Residents shall switch off the lights, including table light, fans, geysers and other electrical gadgets in their room when going out.


  5. Residents must not tamper with the electrical fixtures in their rooms in the hostel premises or use any unauthorized electrical gadgets including air conditioners and extra room coolers. Any violation will amount to breach of hostel rules and may result in eviction from the hostel.

  6. Cooking and storage of food in the rooms and/or storage/use of gas cylinders/ electric heaters/ electric hot plates/ electric cookers/ electric kettle (above 500W) and/or any other equipment is strictly prohibited. In case of violation, all residents of the room will be fined/ punished equally and/ or evicted from the hostel.


  7. Storage and consumption of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating drugs, gambling and smoking inside and outside of the hostel are strictly prohibited. Violation of the rule shall lead to expulsion of the concerned residents. SAU hostels are ‘ NO SMOKING ZONES’.


  8. Tampering with fire detectors, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, electrical wiring, Wi-Fi modems and wires etc., within SAU campus, will lead to eviction from the hostel. Tampering of such equipment within the hostel rooms will lead to eviction of all the residents of the room.


  9. Residents must sign daily in the hostel attendance register and the late night/night out register maintained at the security. They must also provide the address and mobile number at which they may be contacted in an emergency.


  10. All residents are expected to report back to the SAU campus latest by 10.00 pm every day. Students who are found outside the campus after the stipulated time and/or are involved in any violent act or are found otherwise to be disturbing the peace on campus and the privacy of the SAU community or other residents will be evicted from the hostel forthwith besides any other disciplinary action that may be taken by the University.


  11. A resident who wishes to stay out late or to remain absent overnight shall seek prior written approval of the Hostel Warden latest by 4 pm on the day. Applications to this effect have to be submitted to the Hostel Caretaker in a prescribed format. Permission to stay out late at night is granted only once a week. Night- out will be granted for not more than four non-sequential nights in a month, for which application forms must be submitted well in advance.


  12. Non- resident visitors are permitted in the hostel premises from 8 am to 7 pm subject to prior approval from the Hostel Warden. The application for approval must be accompanied with a consent letter and signature of the roommates of the applicant clearly mentioning that they have no objection to allowing the visitors in the room.


  13. No non-resident visitor is allowed to stay in the hostel beyond the official permitted timings. Overnight stay permission can be granted in extra-ordinary situations for which charges are INR 500 per night. Please seek prior permission by submitting an application in the prescribed format along with photo copies of payment slip and visa/ passport details to the Hostel Caretaker. Wardens have the right to reject any such application in case formalities are not completed..


  14. All visitors are required to produce a valid photo identify card. Foreign visitors must also show a valid passport along with visa details to the SAU security before entering the hostel premises. A photocopy of the same may be retained by the security for official purpose.


  15. The University Administration reserves the right to deny entry into the hostel to any visitor if, in its opinion, the visitor including the relative(s) of a resident is likely to disturb the peace and order in the hostel.


  16. Stay of unauthorized persons in hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. Violators shall be treated as trespassers and shall be liable to be dealt with in accordance with the law on the subject.


  17. Any hostel resident accommodating unauthorized person(s) in the hostel rooms is liable to be fined and subject to such other disciplinary action as may be decided by the Assistant Dean/ Warden or higher authorities. The fine in such cases will be INR 1,000/- in the first instance. If found guilty a second time, the fine will be INR 2,000/- and if found guilty for the third time s/he will be evicted from the hostel.


    Over and above this, the President is empowered to take suo moto cognizance of any violation of rules or breach of discipline by any students(s) and may impose fine/punishment as s/he deems fit.


  18. Male visitors, including male students of guests, shall not be allowed in the rooms of female residents. Similarly women (including girls students) shall not be allowed in the rooms of male students. Violation of this rule shall lead to rustication of the resident from the hostel.


  19. Residents are expected to come to the mess, common room, internet room and visitors room adequately and properly dressed.


  20. Residents must not remove any property from the dining hall, common rooms, or the visitor’s room or any other room of the hostels.


  21. Residents are not allowed to hand over the keys of their rooms to any person other than the hostel authorities. They must take care of their personal belongings, keep the room locked and not keep costly items or large amounts of money in the room, and will have to take the responsibility for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the residents. An amount of INR 200 will be charged for the loss of a key.


  22. All residents are required to leave the hostel during the vacations, with their personal belongings safely locked in wardrobes/cupboards/almirahs/ storage units. University will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongings of the residents.


  23. Under no circumstances are residents allowed to keep the hostel rooms locked during the vacations. The University reserves the right to break open the locks of hostel rooms in case of emergencies and for reasons of safety and security and/or for maintenance or cleaning purposes.

  24. No resident is permitted to take away his/her belongings from the hostel premises without a proper gate pass by the Security Officer on the recommendation of the Hostel Warden.


  25. Residents must not indulge in any act of intimidation or violence and drunken or riotous behaviour.


  26. Every resident and his/her guest must maintain decorum in his/her conversation with fellow residents, staff and the authorities of the hostel and should prove worthy of his/her being a bonafide resident. If any resident and/or his/her guest do not follow the above, it will be regarded as indiscipline and suitable disciplinary action will be taken against bonafide residents.


  27. Residents shall not hold/organize any religious or political function/gathering/ debates/ speeches within the premises of the university, except with the prior written permission of the President.


  28. The Senior Warden/ Assistant Dean of Students/ Warden or any authorized officer of SAU reserves the right to inspect the hostel rooms at any time.


  29. Pets are not allowed within the hostel.


  30. CCTV footages of the residents in the hostel premises (public places) may be recorded and used for security purposes.


  31. Residents are strictly prohibited from going to the hostel roof.


  32. The University reserves the right to close any or all hostels suo moto.


  33. Students engaged in research and other academic work extending beyond the last day of the academic calendar need to provide genuine justification for retaining hostel rooms beyond the specified date and use of the university Library from the Dean of their respective faculty, before the end of the academic session. Requests such as preparation for various competitive examinations or for attending other programmes of similar nature outside the university shall not be entertained.

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