New Delhi: Judge Helmut Turk, Judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea gave a distinguished public lecture “The Work of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea” at the South Asian University, New Delhi. The public lecture was organised by the Faculty of Legal Studies of the university.

During the lecture, Judge Helmut threw light on the historical background of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea. He explained the composition, the election and qualification of the judges, the jurisdiction and functions of the tribunal. He also talked about the overlapping jurisdiction of the tribunal with the international court of justice and other international bodies. He also mentioned about 21 cases that have been decided by the Tribunal and the first contentious case that came up before the tribunal between Myanmar and Bangladesh concerning to delimitation of maritime boundaries, especially the Exclusive Economic Zone and the continental shift. He also dealt with the jurisprudence of the tribunal and the cases before it.

More details about Judge Helmut Turk could be accessed from the link below.

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