Department of Mathematics

PhD (Applied Mathematics)


The Department of Mathematics started its PhD programme in July 2013. A wide range of the following research areas are offered in which the enrolled students can pursue their PhD work:


  1. Numerical Analysis

  2. Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems

  3. Fourier Analysis

  4. Analysis, Function Spaces

  5. Integral Operators and weighted Norm Inequalities

  6. Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics

  7. Finite Elements Methods

  8. Parallel Computations

  9. Statistical Approximation, Stochastic Processes

  10. Mathematical Biology, Non-linear Dynamical Systems

  11. Optimization, Swarm Intelligence


Admission to PhD is through a common entrance test held in all the SAARC countries followed by an interview.

Course Structure


Elective Courses (2 Credits each)

AM 501: Advanced Analysis

AM 502: Advanced Numerical Optimization Technique

AM 503: Advanced Numerical Techniques for Differential Equations

AM 504: Advanced Mathematical Modelling

Compulsory Course

AM 505: Seminar (1 Credit)


Elective Courses (2 Credits each)

AM 601: Parallel Iterative Methods for Partial Differential Equations

AM 602: Operator Theory

AM 603: Parallel Computing

AM 604: Advanced Graph Theory

Compulsory Course

AM 605: Seminar & Report Writing (1 Credit)


Note : A student has to earn 14 credits from among Elective Courses.




After 12 years of regular schooling, 3/4 years Bachelor's degree and a Master’s degree leading to M.A./M.Sc./M.Tech. degree in Mathematics / Computer Science with at least 55% marks or an equivalent grade.




After 12 years' of regular schooling, an integrated Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics / Computer Science provided that the total duration of education is of at least 5 years.


Degrees should be from an institution recognized by the Government of the respective SAARC countries.



Tuition feeat SAU is highly subsidized. Following is the fee structure payable by students coming from SAARC countries :

  1. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)US $ 100(one time)
  2. Tuition Fee US $ 440 (per semester)
  3. Security Deposit (Refundable)US $ 100(one time)
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