Department of Mathematics

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)


The MSc (Applied Mathematics) is a 80 credits two-year programme spread over four semesters. The wide range of application oriented courses is so designed that after the completion of the course, the students would be well equipped to go to industries or to join academics. Moreover,the curriculum has been kept dynamic so that the latest trend / demand could be offered to the students.


The courses offered are a combination of compulsory as well as optionals.The course includes a rigorous 12 credit project work to be carried out during third and fourth semester under the supervision of a chosen faculty member.Under this project, the students will write a " Master's Thesis".


Course Structure

  1. S.No.CourseCredits


  1. 1Linear Algebra4
  2. 2Numerical Analysis and Methods 4
  3. 3Ordinary Differential Equations4
  4. 4Real and Complex Analysis4
  5. 5Discrete Mathematics4
  6. 61st Semester Total Credits 20


  1. 1Optimization4
  2. 2Numerics of Ordinary Differential Euqations 4
  3. 3Measure & Probability 4
  4. 4Partial Differential Equations 4
  5. 5Mathematical Modelling & Simulations4
  6. 62nd Semester Total Credits 20


  1. 1Applied Function Analysis4
  2. 2Numerics of Partial Differential Equations 4
  3. 3Cryptography4
  4. 4Optional4
  5. 5Project 4
  6. 63rd Semester Total Credits 20


  1. 1Graph Theory and Networks4
  2. 2Applied Stochastic Processes 4
  3. 3Optional 4
  4. 4Project 8
  5. 54th Semester Total Credits 20


Optional AM 304:
(a) Topology
(b) Derivative Pricing and Financial Modelling
(c) Boolean Algebra and Switching Circuits
(d) Dynamical Systems
Optional AM 403:
(a) Measure and Integration
(b) Finite Element Analysis
(c) Soft Computing
(d) Computational Fluid Dynamics



After twelve years' Schooling, a 3/4 year Bachelor's degree having studied mathematics for al least two years; from an institution recognized by the Government of the respective SAARC countries, with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate or an equivalent grade.


Tuition feeat SAU is highly subsidized. Following is the fee structure payable by students coming from SAARC countries :

  1. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)US $ 100(one time)
  2. Tuition Fee US $ 440 (per semester)
  3. Security Deposit (Refundable)US $ 100(one time)
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