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Sanjay Chaturvedi
Professor & Dean - Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of International Relations
South Asian University,Akbar Bhavan,Chankyapuri,New Delhi-110021,INDIA, Ph:0091-11-24122512-14(Extn.290),
Room No.: 324
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I was Lala Lajpat Rai Chair Professor in Political Science at Panjab University, Chandigarh before joining South Asian University, New Delhi, as Professor in International Relations in June2018. I served as Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences from September 2018 to September 2021.

During early 1990s, I pursued post-doctoral research on “Polar Regions in International Relations” at University of Cambridge, England, with Nehru Centenary British Commonwealth Fellowship. This was followed by the award of Leverhulme Research Grant of £55,070 at University of Cambridge, where I was employed (on extraordinary leave from Panjab University) as a Research Associate to work on the research proposal “The Future of the Antarctic Treaty System and its Relevance for the Arctic”, atScott Polar Research Institute, from 1993 to 1995. A major output of my research stint at Cambridge, which also involved lecturing to M.Phil.in Polar Studies, was the book tilted The Polar Regions: A Political Geography (Chichester: John Wiley, 1996), whichremains widelycited.

Currently, I am the Chairman of Indian Ocean Research Group, Inc. (IORG), an Observer in the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and Chief Editor of its flagship journal, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Routledge). I have authored two, co-authored three and co-edited eight books under the imprint of Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, Routledge, John Wiley and Sage. Elected as the co-chair of Research Committee on Political and Cultural Geography (RC 15) of International Political Science Association (IPSA) for two terms (2006-2009; 2009-2012), I also served on the Steering Committee of the IGU Commission on Political Geographyfrom2004 to 2012. I served on the Indian Delegation to the 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM), Paris, 14-24 June, 2021. I am a Lead Author for Chapter 10: (Asia) of the Working Group II Contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (2019-2021). I have visited 51 countries in connection with various academic assignments.



  • PhD from Panjab University, Chandigarh , in 1989
  • M.Phil from Panjab University , in 1983
  • M.A from Panjab University, Chandigarh , in 1981
  • B.A. from Himachal Pradesh University , in 1979

Awards & Honours

  • Guest Professor, Institute of Political Science and Sociology, University of Würzburg, Germany, 12 June to 11 July 2016 (Under New Passage to India, DAAD).
  • Eminent Visiting Fellow in Indian Ocean Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University, Perth, Australia, 10 October to 28 October, 2015.
  • Guest Professor, Institute of Political Science and Sociology, University of Würzburg, Germany, 17 June to 17 July 2015 (Under New Passage to India, DAAD).
  • Visiting Fellow, Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre, The University of Adelaide, Australia, 1 March-1 May 2013.
  • Fellow, India-China Institute, The New School, New York, USA: 2010-2012. (Research focus of the Third Cohort Fellowship Program: ‘Social Innovation and Sustainable Environments.’
  • Honorary Fellow, Asia Society, 2010-2015.
  • Visiting Professor, Environmental School, Beijing Normal University, China, 25 May to 25 June 2011.
  • Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Yusof Ishak Singapore, 2010-12 (Research Project: Climate Change and the Bay of Bengal).
  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Geography and Van Mildert College, University of Durham, UK, April-June 2006.
  • Distinguished Visitor, Department of Politics and Government & Department of Geography and Environmental Development, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (Distinguished Visitors Programme) 29 December 2002 to 3 January 2003.
  • Fellowship, Columbia University Institute for Scholars, Reid Hall, and Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France, under International Programme of Advanced Studies (IPAS), 10th November 2001 to 1 February 2002.
  • Parsons Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, Australia, 6-14 May 2001.
  • Visiting Fellow (South Asia Visiting Fellows Program), Henry L. Stimson Centre, Washington D.C., USA, June-July, 2000.
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Lapland and University of Joensuu,Finland (UGC Nomination under Indo-Finland Cultural Exchange Program), September 1999.

Recent Publications

  • Environmental Sustainability from Himalaya to the Ocean: Struggles and Innovations in China and India, Springer (co-edited with Shikui Dong and Jayanta Bandyopadhyay) 2017.
    (Reviewed in Economic and Political Weekly, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, The Third Pole, The Wire)

  • “Mapping Maritime Order in the Greater India Ocean from IR Perspectives” in Yogendra Kumar (ed.) Whither Indian Ocean Maritime Order (New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2017).

  • Climate Change and the Bay of Bengal: Emerging Geographies of Fear and Hope, Singapore: ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute & New Delhi: Pentagon Press (co-authored with Vijay Sakhuja) 2015.
    (Reviewed in Political Geography, Asian Journal of Public Affairs, Asian Journal of Social Science)

  • Climate Terror: A Critical Geopolitics of Climate Change, New York: Palgrave Macmillan (co-authored with Timothy Doyle) 2015. (Reviewed in Geopolitics, Progress in Human Geography, Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protests, Capital & Class, India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Space and Polity, The Wire)

  • Energy Security and the Indian Ocean Region, London: Routledge Revivals (co-edited with Dennis Rumley) 2015.

  • Geopolitical Orientations, Regionalism and Security in the Indian Ocean, London: Routledge Revivals (co-edited with Dennis Rumley) 2015.

  • Security of the Sea Lanes of Communication in the Indian Ocean Region, London:  Routledge Revivals (co-edited with Dennis Rumley) 2015.

Research Interests

  • Geopolitics and IR: Theories and Practices, especially in relation to Polar Regions and the Indian Ocean Region
  • South Asian Geopolitics: Classical & Critical
  • Partition and Boundary Studies with Special Reference to South Asia
  • Environmental Sustainability and Climate change
  • Non-Western IR and Geopolitical Traditions

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