Hello Friends!

Let me begin by wishing you a very Happy and Safe New Year!


The year that has gone by was difficult for everyone in many different ways, if I may say so.


The pandemic that started around the beginning of the year engulfed almost every corner of the planet and we are still reeling under its shadow. I hope the beginning of the new year marks the end of this gloomy phase.


For a young university like ours, it hasn’t been easy. We have lost valuable time to this pandemic. Our plans for phased shifting to our permanent campus had to be deferred. All aspects of our teaching and academic atmosphere got hugely impacted. As a saving grace, we could adapt promptly to the new normal and took our teaching and all of our academic interactions online. A batch of our students could successfully finish their master’s programme while many PhD scholars received their research degrees. We could also successfully conduct the entrance and test and induct our fresh batch. Online classes have already begun, albeit delayed as per our normal academic cycle. My gratitude to our students, faculty, staff and the alumni community for their co-operation and understanding.


I hope this year will be pleasantly different and we will be able to achieve many of our academic objectives and hopefully start moving to our new campus. I am sure we will be able to soon shift from the virtual classroom to physical classrooms in the campus and recreate the robust academic atmosphere that we have come to be known for.


I once again wish you a very happy new year. Stay safe!


~ Prof. Ranjan K. Mohanty


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