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"Philosophy is written in this grand book − I mean the universe the universe − which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics.” (Galileo Galilei, in The Assayer, 1623)

Building on the legacy of Galileo, the work of generations of scientists and engineers has shown that mathematical representations and reasoning are unavoidable when attempting to understand physical processes. At this point, we believe that a very persuasive case can similarly be constructed for the proposition that Mathematics is unavoidable in the application of Computer Science. This is already evident from the application of computation to areas that have seen an explosive growth of experimental and observational data (like Computational Biology, Financial Economics, Text Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Tele-communications and so on).

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in the SAU aims to be a symbiosis of Mathematics and Computer Science. We envisage that Mathematics will act as the bedrock for wellfounded computation, which will in turn be at the heart of all inter-disciplinary activity involving Computer Science.

The Faculty has two departments:

While postgraduate teaching in the FMCS will attempt a comprehensive coverage of the disciplines of mathematics as well as computer sciences, faculty will be recruited so as to enable the Faculty to conduct research in modern and upcoming research areas in these disciplines. Thus the research areas covered under the department of mathematics will include areas like operational research and optimization theory, probability and statistics, numerical analysis and scientific computing and combinatorics. Areas covered under the department of computer sciences will include computer architect, algorithms, networking, data bases, embedded systems, soft computing and software engineering. Students will also be offered training in the intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship so that they may also explore starting their own enterprises.

Degrees to be awarded:

  • Direct PhD program for students who possess M.Sc. / M.Tech degrees.
  • M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) (2 years) for students who would come from 3 years BSc Mathematics stream.
  • M.Sc. (Computer Science) (2 years) for students who would come from 3 years BSc with Mathematics stream.

Besides these academic programs, the faculty will actively participate in teaching mathematics and computer sciences courses at the undergraduate (BS) level.

Faculty and teaching load: The final faculty strength of the Faculty is expected to be about 50 (25 each in mathematics and computer sciences departments). All faculty members, irrespective of their positions, will be expected to actively participate in the teaching programs of the Faculty as well as in undergraduate teaching in College of Science. Each faculty member will offer some fundamental / core courses as well as specialized courses in their respective areas of research.

Manpower: Once the FMCS faculty strength reaches 50, research students in the Faculty may be about 250. Additionally, about 100 M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), 100 M.Sc (Computer Science) students and 100 research fellows / post-doctoral workers / visiting scientists may be expected.

Research Facilities: Faculty will have state of the art computational facilities and computer science laboratories.

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