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Dear Fresher,


Congratulations on getting in to your programme of choice in the South Asian University. You have gone through a tough competition to be where you are, competing against hundreds of candidates who were vying for your seat.


Welcome to the South Asian University. As you know South Asian University is a unique International University with an inimitable culture and distinctive outlook. The last two years, in particular, haven’t been easy for us, for that matter, for most of the Universities and organisations around the world. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact in the academic atmosphere and the annual academic cycle.


I am thankful to my colleagues and students for co-operating in any manner possible to fight the onslaught of the pandemic. We could arrange to send our students safely to their homes in time. We also did not let the pandemic affect the annual academic cycle as we found, with difficulties, a way to conduct the entrance test and complete the admission process for both last year’s batch and this year’s. Although the initiation of your academic journey is delayed, we will make up for the loss of time and catch up on the syllabi.


The robust nature of our academic atmosphere has been kept intact, even though we are conducting our classes online. We have globally-recruited faculty members representing various countries of the SAARC. Besides the interactive online live classes, we have online seminars and conferences throughout the semesters and I would encourage you to participate in all of them actively.


Our alumni are doing extremely well in their chosen fields. We are happy that many of our alumni have been accepted in many Universities of repute around the world, for their further studies as well as in teaching positions. Many of them are also working with National Governments, think tanks and International organisations, while some have chosen to be entrepreneurs.


Let me once again welcome you to this International University. Make the best of your time here in SAU. This is an incredible platform for you to make new friends from the SAARC region. Collaborate with your friends and make your time here productive and memorable. I wish you all the very best for your academic journey ahead !


With Warm Regards,


Prof. Ranjan Kumar Mohanty
Acting President



Support Contact/ Persons/ email id

Telephone Number (Extension)

All hostel related information both Girls and Boys; including allotment, entry, exit, mess, complains related to water, electricity, housekeeping, quarantine etc.

1. Ms.Renu Rawat (For all official communication related to the hostel for both Boy’s and Girl’s hostel (Office Assistant)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext: 157

Mobile: 9910283845

Room No 436

2. Sunil Kumar (Boy’s Hostel)


Mobile: 9990467746

3. Meena Rawat (Girl’s Hostel)


Mobile: 9971644197

        4. Sushil Kumar Yadav (Mess Manager)

Mobile: 7398034344


Swami Nath

Sanjay Kumar

Jahangir Sharma

Gopal Yadav

Jitender Kumar

Ram Singh Kaushik








Civil & Electrical Maintenance

Mr. Bishan Nath


Lift Operators


Kamta Prasad

Ajay Tripathi

269/ 9211390651

8130337087 9650316642 9015769375

Outsourced Security



Security Officer

Capt. Rohit Singh

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

114/ 9990251197


Uttam Kumar (Building)

Ext No.145/8130240061

Senior Warden

Dr. Yuba Raj Pokharel

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.146/126/9971368054

Medical Centre

Dr. Priyadarshini

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nurse Gigi Jacob

Ext No.244/9810701453


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ashita Mahendru  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.275/ 8130734104


Mr. Abdullah-Al-Modabber

Ext No.210/ 97179 93711


Ms Anupma Arora

Ext No.100/248/9971567894

Associate Dean of Students

Dr. Navnit Jha

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.288 /8800933491


Prof. Shibnath Mazumdar

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chair - GSC

Prof. Ritu Gaur

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

224/ 9971660077

Chair - UCC

Dr. Soumita Basu

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.211/ 8800280494

Public Relations Officer

Mr. Aheibam Prahlad

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.122 /9871494338

AD – Housekeeping & Student Services

Capt. Hemant Mansharamani

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ext No.250 /9810770150

Process of E-verification for 2020 Batch


All students are advised to fill the following forms: 

  1. Registration Form for New Students

  2. Supplementary Data Sheet Form 

  3. Medical Fitness Form

  4. Declaration Form for Scholarship/Fellowship 

  5. Undertaking Form 



Covid-19 negative test report will be required from students when university opens in physical mode and students are allowed to report to the university. Please submit the medical fitness certificate only without Covid-19 certificate for the e-verification process.



Please send the above-mentioned Forms along with the Color Scanned Copies of all the Academic Documents (both Sides), list of documents is listed in Annexure IV (for Master’s students) Annexure III (for PhD Students) sent with the admission offer letter. All the documents are to be sent to the email ID. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please make sure that the full name & its spelling and Date of Birth are same in all the documents (in passport as well as in academic documents). In case of any discrepancy any details, the students are required to submit an affidavit for the same (legal document which is to be issued and verified by government bodies).


Upon completion of the verification, the disbursement of scholarship and fellowship will be initiated by the Finance Department.


Please provide your bank account details on the SAU website page meant for this purpose as early as possible (only banks in India are acceptable). Please note that the disbursement of fees already paid, scholarship/fellowship/freeship will be paid to the students who have bank account in any bank in India. Please note that the disbursal will be made to those who have their accounts in their name only. No family and friend’s account will be accepted. Disbursement of scholarship/fellowships is effective from the date of start of the Monsoon semester 2020 (26 October, 2020) or the date of admission/registration whichever is later.


Admission and Scholarship Team

South Asian University, New Delhi



Course Allocations of Students 2020-2021


The Sociology of Everyday Life

S. No. Name Enrollment No.
1 Harshit SAU/AM(M)/2020/10
2 Nakul SAU/AM(M)/2020/17
3 Swarup Kumar Sahoo SAU/AM(M)/2020/30
4 Nazir Mohammad Zahin SAU/AM(M)/2020/18
5 Kanwal Jeet Singh SAU/CS(M)/2020/08
6 Santosh Bajgain SAU/CS(M)/2020/17
7 Sapana Karna SAU/CS(M)/2020/18
8 Jai Kishan Kumar SAU/CS(M)/2020/07
9 Azmatullah SAU/CS(M)/2020/05
10 Mohit Dey SAU/CS(P)/2020/03
11 Abdullah Shah SAU/ECO(M)/2020/01
12 Chandra Lal Adhikari SAU/ECO(M)/2020/03
13 Fatima Ibrahimi SAU/ECO(M)/2020/06
14 Fizza Suhel SAU/ECO(M)/2020/07
15 Pakiza Munir SAU/ECO(M)/2020/16
16 Ramandeep Kaur Hora SAU/ECO(M)/2019/28
17 Abdul Aleem Latify SAU/LLM/2020/01
18 Esmael Sakhi Zada SAU/LLM/2020/06
19 Sajawal Hussain SAU/LLM/2020/21
20 Suman Yadav SAU/LLM/2020/27
21 Aminur Rahman SAU/IR(M)/2020/04
22 Anup Kumar Saha SAU/IR(M)/2020/07
23 Imranullah SAU/IR(M)/2020/12
24 Kamran Manzoor Bhat SAU/IR(M)/2020/13
25 Rahmattullah SAU/IR(M)/2020/19
26 Syeda Tanaz Neha Mohaib SAU/IR(M)/2020/23
27 Venkkat G Krishnan SAU/IR(M)/2020/26
28 Sayantan Haldar SAU/IR(P)/2020/03
29 Piyush Kumar SAU/BIO(P)/2020/02
30 Shivani Sharma SAU/BIO(P)/2020/03
31 Akhila A SAU/BIO(M)/2020/01
32 Ankita Das SAU/BIO(M)/2020/02
33 Arnab Banik SAU/BIO(M)/2020/04
34 Ayush Khandelwal SAU/BIO(M)/2020/06
35 Chimi Seldon SAU/BIO(M)/2020/07
36 Farhan Fuad Bin Hossen SAU/BIO(M)/2020/09
37 Kalyani Singh SAU/BIO(M)/2020/11
38 Mahmud Al Shahriar SAU/BIO(M)/2020/14
39 Mohammad Asef Sultani SAU/BIO(M)/2020/15
40 Prativa Gautam SAU/BIO(M)/2020/22
41 Sanaullah Safi SAU/BIO(M)/2020/24
42 Sayantani Datta SAU/BIO(M)/2020/25
43 Shahil Alam SAU/BIO(M)/2020/26
44 Shweta SAU/BIO(M)/2020/27
45 Vijay Gurung SAU/BIO(M)/2020/28


Reimaging International Relations in South Asia: Emerging concerns

S. No. Name Enrollment No.
1 Nabaraaj Adhikari SAU/AM(P)/2020/05
2 Aatif Nisar SAU/CS(M)/2020/01
3 Shivam SAU/CS(M)/2020/21
4 Ankit Lavania SAU/LLM/2020/02
5 Ankit Yadav SAU/LLM/2020/03
6 Arnav Sharma SAU/LLM/2020/04
7 Deepansh Tripathi SAU/LLM/2020/05
8 Forhad. Hossain SAU/LLM/2020/08
9 Harshit Tripathi SAU/LLM/2020/09
10 Mahamudul Hasan Rakib SAU/LLM/2020/10
11 Manvika Shivhare SAU/LLM/2020/11
12 Mohammad Shafiq Shayan SAU/LLM/2020/13
13 Om Prakash Jha SAU/LLM/2020/15
14 Pooja Kumari SAU/LLM/2020/17
15 Rakibul. Molla SAU/LLM/2020/19
16 S. M. Younus Hasan SAU/LLM/2020/20
17 Sajul Singh SAU/LLM/2020/22
18 Sourabh Kumar SAU/LLM/2020/26
19 Tasriful Haque SAU/LLM/2020/28
20 Mohammad Shahadat Hossain SAU/IR(M)/2020/16
21 Ojas Chahal SAU/IR(M)/2020/18
22 Zameer Safi SAU/IR(M)/2020/27
23 Aparna U SAU/BIO(M)/2020/03
24 Ashika Dhimal SAU/BIO(M)/2020/05
25 Abhijeet Panda SAU/SOC(M)/2020/02
26 Abu Raihan Sarkar SAU/SOC(M)/2020/03
27 Apoorv Katoch SAU/SOC(M)/2020/07
28 Asmaul Husna SAU/SOC(M)/2020/08
29 Bhoj Raj Bagale SAU/SOC(M)/2020/09
30 Fariha Jahan Prima SAU/SOC(M)/2020/11
31 Lopamudra Gogoi SAU/SOC(M)/2020/15
32 Manisha T Sati SAU/SOC(M)/2020/16
33 Nishita Sharma SAU/SOC(M)/2020/19
34 Quazi Arunim Rahman SAU/SOC(M)/2020/20
35 Shambhavi Pathak SAU/SOC(M)/2020/25
36 Akuratiya Gamage Aruna Prageeth Jayasena SAU/SOC(P)/2020/06


Introduction to South Asian Economies

S. No. Name Enrollment No.
1 Pankaj SAU/AM(M)/2020/20
2 Gitika Kumbnani SAU/AM(M)/2020/08
3 Anand Singh SAU/AM(M)/2020/03
4 Ankit Pandey SAU/AM(M)/2020/04
5 Guntash Singh SAU/AM(M)/2020/09
6 Muskan SAU/AM(M)/2020/16
7 Qais Watanmal SAU/AM(M)/2020/24
8 Burhanullah Masoomi SAU/AM(M)/2020/05
9 Pema Namgay SAU/CS(M)/2020/12
10 Farhana Khan SAU/LLM/2020/07
11 Milan Adhikari SAU/LLM/2020/12
12 Nischal Wagle SAU/LLM/2020/14
13 Rachna SAU/LLM/2020/18
14 Sandesh Subedi SAU/LLM/2020/23
15 Shobhit Chaudhary SAU/LLM/2020/24
16 Tathagat SAU/LLM/2020/29
17 Yashwardhan Aggarwal SAU/LLM/2020/30
18 Aastha Srivastav SAU/IR(M)/2020/01
19 Ahmad Mujtaba Safi SAU/IR(M)/2020/02
20 Ahmadneshat SAU/IR(M)/2020/03
21 Anurag Acharya SAU/IR(M)/2020/08
22 Sarwrdin SAU/IR(M)/2020/20
23 Sayed Farhad Masoumie SAU/IR(M)/2020/21
24 Udyan Devkota SAU/IR(M)/2020/24
25 Arezou.nooristani SAU/IR(P)/2020/06
26 Mohammad Mohammdi SAU/SOC(M)/2020/18
27 Shyamjith T SAU/SOC(M)/2020/26


International Trade, Foreign Investment and South Asia

S. No. Name Enrollment No.
1 Mohammad Zarif Noori SAU/AM(M)/2020/14
2 Suresh Kumar SAU/AM(M)/2020/29
3 Dependra Khatiwara SAU/AM(M)/2020/06
4 Dorji Wangchuk SAU/AM(M)/2020/07
5 Rinchen Dorji SAU/AM(M)/2020/25
6 Mon Bahadur Rai SAU/AM(M)/2020/15
7 Pradeep Kumar Sahu SAU/AM(M)/2020/21
8 Sangay Tshewang SAU/AM(M)/2020/28
9 J Tarun Kumar SAU/AM(M)/2020/11
10 Jafar Sherzad SAU/AM(M)/2020/12
11 Shuvo Saha Roy SAU/CS(M)/2020/22
12 Sujan Dhakal SAU/CS(M)/2020/25
13 Subham Kumar Sah SAU/CS(M)/2020/24
14 Ambika Anand SAU/CS(M)/2020/03
15 Simran Arora SAU/CS(M)/2020/23
16 Mahen Mondal SAU/CS(M)/2020/09
17 Sayed Taher Layeq SAU/CS(M)/2020/20
18 Anushree Rai SAU/ECO(M)/2020/02
19 Ehsanullah Ehsan SAU/ECO(M)/2020/04
20 Ehsanullah Payandi SAU/ECO(M)/2020/05
21 Harsimar Kaur Sawhney SAU/ECO(M)/2020/08
22 Meenal Chhabra SAU/ECO(M)/2020/10
23 Muhsenzada Naqibullah SAU/ECO(M)/2020/12
24 Nabiullah SAU/ECO(M)/2020/13
25 Naveed SAU/ECO(M)/2020/14
26 Nikhita Dhawan SAU/ECO(M)/2020/15
27 Sayed Alam Saady SAU/ECO(M)/2020/17
28 Sayeed Mozaffar Saedy SAU/ECO(M)/2020/18
29 Shubham Makkar SAU/ECO(M)/2020/19
30 Sifatullah Omari SAU/ECO(M)/2020/20
31 Mehak Gupta SAU/ECO(P)/2020/02
32 Mukesh Kumar SAU/ECO(P)/2020/03
33 Bimala Thami SAU/ECO(P)/2020/04
34 Amit Dogra SAU/IR(M)/2020/05
35 Amit Kumar Pal SAU/IR(M)/2020/06
36 Ashish Sharma SAU/IR(M)/2020/09
37 Ashok Bala SAU/IR(M)/2020/10
38 Harshal Pradip SAU/IR(M)/2020/11
39 Manah Popli SAU/IR(M)/2020/14
40 Manav Saini SAU/IR(M)/2020/15
41 Muntasir Mahmud SAU/IR(M)/2020/17
42 Srijan Srivastava SAU/IR(M)/2020/22
43 Manish Jung Pulami SAU/IR(P)/2020/04
44 Md. Daloar Hossain SAU/IR(P)/2020/05
45 Daksh Verma SAU/BIO(M)/2020/08
46 Indranil Banerjee SAU/BIO(M)/2020/10
47 Kapil Bahadur Budha SAU/BIO(M)/2020/12
48 Lashika Batra SAU/BIO(M)/2020/13
49 Mohd Umar SAU/BIO(M)/2020/16
50 Monika SAU/BIO(M)/2020/17
51 Muna Bhusal SAU/BIO(M)/2020/18
52 Muzamil SAU/BIO(M)/2020/20
53 Phuntsho Yenten SAU/BIO(M)/2020/21
54 Vikrant Singh SAU/BIO(M)/2020/29
55 Aishwarya Ahmed SAU/SOC(M)/2020/04
56 Ishtiaq Mohammod Fakhruddin SAU/SOC(M)/2020/13
57 Mohammad Ali SAU/SOC(M)/2020/17
58 Sumer Singh SAU/SOC(M)/2020/28
59 Warda Shehzadi SAU/SOC(M)/2020/30
60 Brishna Wardak SAU/SOC(P)/2019/05

Science and Society

S. No. Name Enrollment No.
1 Kashi Nath Dhimal SAU/AM(M)/2020/13
2 Nidhi Yadav SAU/AM(M)/2020/19
3 Abhishek Bhatia SAU/AM(M)/2020/02
4 Praveen Sharma SAU/AM(M)/2020/22
5 Ruchika Gogia SAU/AM(M)/2020/26
6 Prosanjit Kumar Pramanic SAU/AM(M)/2020/23
7 Abdulwahab Fearozie SAU/AM(M)/2020/01
8 Kritika SAU/AM(P)/2020/03
9 Probhat Pachung SAU/AM(P)/2020/02
10 Ankit Raj SAU/CS(M)/2020/04
11 Prem Shankar Prasad Thakur SAU/CS(M)/2020/14
12 Yukti Kaushik SAU/CS(M)/2020/28
13 Phuntsho Dema SAU/CS(M)/2020/13
14 Sargam Gupta SAU/CS(M)/2020/19
15 Basavaprabhu S SAU/CS(M)/2020/06
16 Sunny Mishra SAU/CS(M)/2020/26
17 Parth Gaba SAU/CS(M)/2020/11
18 Ajeet Yadav SAU/CS(M)/2020/02
19 Rahul Gulia SAU/CS(M)/2020/16
20 Modaser SAU/CS(M)/2020/10
21 Pronay Mandal SAU/CS(M)/2020/15
22 Iqbal Wali SAU/ECO(M)/2020/09
23 Padmaja Karmaker SAU/LLM/2020/16
24 Sohail Bine Jaynul SAU/LLM/2020/25
25 Abdul Samad Rahmani SAU/SOC(M)/2020/01
26 Kinley Wangmo SAU/SOC(M)/2020/14
27 Ramin Kamangar SAU/SOC(M)/2020/21
28 Rana Abhyendra Singh SAU/SOC(M)/2020/22
29 Procheta Mukherjee SAU/SOC(P)/2020/03




Interested 4th-semester hostel students are allowed to come back to the hostel after 31 January 2021, only if they have an issue with the ongoing online classes and/or other academic requirements. Students must compulsorily seek the approval of their project supervisor and Dean, Dean of Students, President before they come back. Students are being informed that the COVID-19 pandemic in and around Delhi NCR still continues and therefore SAU administration still does not recommend that students return to the hostel. Online classes are still continuing. Students coming to SAU and staying at the hostels would be doing so at their own risk. SAU would not be providing any specific medical /financial support towards COVID-19 treatment if any. Entry to Hostels will only be allowed on furnishing a COVID-19 negative certificate as mentioned in the SOPs.


Dean of Students




Red-square-bullet-point Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be followed in SAU Hostels and Student Undertaking for Staying in the Hostel


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